The simple answer is: MyPriceBook™ can help you maximize the profitability of your store! In a highly competitive C-Store industry with rising fuel and labor costs, it’s critical to work as efficiently as possible while minimizing labor hours and maximizing profitability. Most owners don’t realize how much money they are losing each year until they have the proper information, and MyPriceBook™ gives you that information along with the ability to increase profits, reduce costs, and control inventory. Think of all the improvements you could make at your store if only you had the time money. MyPriceBook™ can help, so call us today to schedule an online demonstration to see how easy it can be to get started.

Positively! MyPriceBook™ imports electronic invoices directly from your grocery distributor, eliminating up to 80% of the data entry and the associated errors of hand keying the information. MyPricebook™ can even generate a suggested stock order report for all your vendors, allowing you to control when and how much inventory you receive.

MyPricebook™ can help reduce labor hours by automating making price changes for single items or groups of items quick and easy by eliminating or reducing the amount of data entry time required. As an owner your time is valuable, but let’s say you make $30.00 per hour. If using MyPriceBook™ can save you just one hour per day. that’s a profit increase of $7,800 per year. What could you do with an extra hour per day at the store?

Yes! The first step in eliminating theft is to make sure employees scan all the items with a barcode so you know what they are or are not selling. The next step is to eliminate accidental shrink from: mispriced items, unauthorized employee discounts, incorrect vendor pricing, customer theft and more. Yearly shrink totals for the average C-store are 3.37% ** of total inside sales on average sales of $1,039,385 per store. This means the average C-store is losing $35,027 per year, or $2,918 per month! If your store is not currently scanning, the shrink is usually even higher. MyPricebook™ helps reduce shrink to less than 1% of in-store sales thanks to automated pricing accuracy, importing invoices, and tracking sales by item and department.

Yes! After installing MyPriceBook™, we’ve found that store owners have increased product margins in their stores up to 10%, but the average is about 5.5%. According to the National Convenience Store Research Group, the average C-store has total gross inside sales of $1,039,385 per year. Assuming the C-store operates with an average margin of 30% for all the products in the store, a 6% margin increase by implementing MyPriceBook™ would be equal to a 20% gross profit increase!

No! There are many ways to get started quickly. One way is to use a national database of about 100K items, which should contain everything you carry which has a UPC code. Of course, to get the full benefit of the Back Office System, you should use it to track inventory. If you get a handheld scanner, it will contain a database of about 15,000 of the most common UPC items, and it will make an inventory of your store fairly easy. This small investment in time, will pay off quickly in making it much simpler to manage your inventory, and making restocking decisions which will save money and improve sales.