MyMainOffice™ is a must have for multi-store operators with a need or desire to control prices and invoice entry from a convenient location, like the corporate office or from the comfort of their home office. Designed for Convenience stores and Petroleum Marketers, but flexible enough for a wide variety of retail, MyMainOffice™ allows owners, managers, and PriceBook managers to maintain a single global pricebook or multiple pricebooks so they can mass update prices now or set a date in the future, set up Mix/Match and promotions once for all the stores and set a the promotion end date, make inventory adjustments based on audits, handle store-to-store transfers, and much more!

MyMainOffice™ enables your staff to have multiple people working in the application at one time, so one person could be entering invoices while another person is running reports or making price changes. MyMainOffice™ also keeps track of all the changes so you can see when a price changed for an item and who made the change, and whether or not that price change actually made it to the POS.

product-box-medHere are some of the main features in MyMainOffice™:

…One centrally managed main pricebook
…Centralized reporting and administration
…Individual stores can still have different costs and retail prices
…Apply new pricing to one or all sites with just a few clicks of the mouse.
…Create custom price categories for items such as basic or premium cigarettes, 1 liter Pepsi’s, etc
…Copy pricebooks from one store to another, great when adding new locations
…Easy filtering to find items by description, category, price range, etc
…See pricing for all locations from a single screen.
…Easily manage buy backs and promotions
…Multi user access for no additional fee
…Much more!