Many Petroleum Marketers, convenience store owners, and managers think they don’t need or can’t afford a back office software solution to help them better manage the inventory and pricing in their stores. Many others maybe scanning at the register without any back office software, but maintaining price changes this way can take a lot of time and often requires them to bring products from the shelves up to the register to be scanned, and while that register is being used for price maintenance, it can’t be used for sales as it was designed for. Other limitations include:  not being able to import invoices from vendors; limited reporting capabilities; and no way of exporting daily sales information into and accounting package like Quickbooks.

Apex Back Office Solutions wants to help change this way of thinking, so we developed My PriceBook™, the affordable back office software solution!

Using My PriceBook™ can help store owners and managers gain control of their inventory increase profits, reduce costs, and minimize the amount of personnel needed t the store. Some of the benefits of using My PriceBook™ include:

Some of the benefits of using My PriceBook™ include:

…Increasing profits 3-6% on total inside sales.
…Reducing inventory 10% or more to keep more cash on hand.
…Setting up and maintaining Mix and Match items and promotions.
…Reducing shrink and eliminating cashier pricing errors.
…Reducing labor needs up to 1-4 hours per day, per store.
…Easily importing electronic vendor invoices complete with cost and margin.
…Easily control pricing and print shelf labels or create in-house UPC codes

Instead of you or your manager spending several hours a day dealing with paper work and creating reports or spread sheets, we encourage you to use My PriceBook™ from APEX Back Office Solutions because it automates most of these tasks and makes it easy for you to stay in control of your store, and best of all, it’s very easy to learn and use.  Don’t delay….call us today!